Crossfit Day 501 – 7/30/15

Buncha front squats, then a buncha back squats.. then.. Descending Ladder (love these) 10-1front squats 95/6525 DUs after each set I did 75 lbs cause Nate said so (45lb mens bar plus 2 15lb plates, so the 10s wouldn’t break. Totally legit reason) and then I did a ski erg for 5 or 10 cals…

Crossfit Day 496 – 7/20/15

Wendler Deadlift cycle, blah blah blah. I always start these strength cycles with good intentions, but my maxes are so high, that the higher the numbers get, the harder it is, and I either hurt myself or give up and just lift lighter weight. Oh well. This day was a deload week, so lower percentages,…

Crossfit Day 494 – 7/13/15

Hey I have an idea! Let’s do heavy as fuck deadlifts!!! Sweet. Wendler Deadliftweek 3/day 1 5 @75%3 @ 85%1+ 95%then10×3 banded deadlifts This was all great and whatnot, except my 1+ rep at 95% was at 285lbs. I did 3 of them. That’s the most I’ve done in YEARS. Of course, on the last…

Crossfit Day 493 – 7/9/15

pause front squats; pause back squats week 2/day 1 1×3 @ 70%1×3 @ 80%1×3+ @ 90%(heavy fucking shit. this one killed me.) I love pause squats, but at these percentages, it felt impossible to sit at the bottom of my squat at what.. 225lbs and do 3+ reps. Sigh. then 10 min emom3 thrusters (135/95)ME…

Crossfit Day 492 – 7/7/15

overhead complex
1 push press – 2 push jerk – 3 split jerk
record heaviest load

I got 155lbs for this


push jerk (135/95)


5 strict toes to bar and 25 double unders between each set

I did 25 singles and 5 amazing strict hanging leg lifts instead. Finished in 12:21.