If I had a dollar for everyone who asked me for keto advice, it likely would’ve paid for one or two more pairs of lululemon crops by now.

Dave and I have been successful yet realistic with our weight loss and health improvements as a result of the Ketogenic Diet, and as a result, people want our answers, our help, and our secrets. There’s no secret, but I promise you, nobody ever wants to hear the advice ‘stop eating bread, pasta, sugar, rice, and every other starch out there’. But guess what? That’s the basis of being successful on this way of eating.

If you refuse to give up bread, cake, pasta, pie, rice, flour, sugar, and whatever else is keeping you fat, then don’t bother asking me for advice or help. 

Now, if you’re willing to change your diet and your way of thinking about food, then please, read on.

My interest in Keto started well over a year ago when I got my 23andMe DNA results back. You can read the detailed post here:

Food is medicine. And poison. Food can cure and it can kill. I started searching for ways to prevent cancer by way of diet. What can I eat to lower my risk? What can I eliminate? I even searched in an incognito browser, so that my internet history didn’t skew my search results. The responses kept pointing to keto and reducing inflammation in the body.

Eliminate the sugar, the starch, the inflammation, maintain a state of ketosis, and you can theoretically starve the cancer cells. I’m hoping that by starting early, I have a better chance of preventing it before it starts. I suppose we’ll see.

It seems like my whole family has had cancer in some form or another, my dog died from cancer (totally not blood relatives, but you know..) it’s all around us, what are we doing to prevent it? Can we even do anything to prevent it? Clearly the currently practiced and common cancer treatments of today aren’t anything to write home about. I’d rather prevent it, instead of treat it. Keto came up over and over and over in my research. Thank you, Google!

I dove in. I bought a ton of books and I cherish them.


Books to Consider:

Keto Clarity (very easy to read, an excellent starting point)
I love having good books nearby to use as references. I highly recommend checking out the above books if you are interested in starting or learning about the Ketogenic Diet.

Support Groups:


Helpful Links and Websites:
Ruled.me Guide to Keto (Seriously, I should just link this page, and not bother writing anything else..)