Crossfit Day 493 – 7/9/15

pause front squats; pause back squats week 2/day 1 1×3 @ 70%1×3 @ 80%1×3+ @ 90%(heavy fucking shit. this one killed me.) I love pause squats, but at these percentages, it felt impossible to sit at the bottom of my squat at what.. 225lbs and do 3+ reps. Sigh. then 10 min emom3 thrusters (135/95)ME…


Crossfit Day 492 – 7/7/15

overhead complex
1 push press – 2 push jerk – 3 split jerk
record heaviest load

I got 155lbs for this


push jerk (135/95)


5 strict toes to bar and 25 double unders between each set

I did 25 singles and 5 amazing strict hanging leg lifts instead. Finished in 12:21.

Crossfit Day 490 – 7/3/15

Another great day at the gym. I like what’s happening here! WOD: 100 double unders (I did singles, and my feet weren’t destroyed! Awesome.)30 toes to bar (knee tucks)30 sit-ups(4 min cap)rest 3 min200m run30 wall-ball shots (20/16)30 slam balls (30/20)(4 min cap)rest 3 min500m rowmax kettlebell swings (70/55)(4 min cap) So. I did my…


Crossfit Day 488 – 6/30/15

I feel like I’ve gotten a groove back. I’ve missed it so! I’ve been saying it forever, but it really clicked recently. When you feel like shit, go work out. You’ll feel better. I promise. Especially if you’re in a crappy mood, or you’ve had a crappy day, or someone upset you or shit happened…