After having been asked so many times about this, Dave suggested to incorporate this on my blog, so here it is!!!

Here’s the statement that initiated this post:

“I’ve never done this type of thing before, [referring to the Paleo Diet, Keto, anything major] and I’d like to start. You’re such an inspiration with your complete positive outlook on EVERYTHING! Simply put – I want that!”

My outlook on life now.. My positivity and my happiness, since starting CrossFit and Changing my Diet.

My experience has been amazing. I went from being negative and cranky about everything to having such an awesome outlook on life. It sounds so annoying, I know.. but I really just decided that I was going to stop making fun of people or putting them down, even if I was just talking to someone close to me. Because really, whats the point? What is the benefit of saying something mean about someone else for no reason? So what? They’re ugly, fat, their hair and clothes are awful.. so what? Let it be. Talking badly them isn’t going to make ME better. Apparently, I still make faces and think things, but I keep try my best to keep any comments myself.

Now if someone really irritates me, and I feel a response is necessary, I don’t turn a shoulder and pretend it didn’t happen. If it’s justified to argue with or confront someone then that’s different. But the unnecessary negativity I’ve really tried my best to do away with.

Crossfit alone has changed my life. The encouragement and support and friendship I’ve gained from CF is immeasurable. I went from being mopey, negative, down, ho-hum, to THIS IS AWESOME! The community, the support, the people, the exercise, the ‘group suffering’, if you will, has changed me more than anything.

I truly believe that changing my diet became necessary after I started CF, because then I started thinking, well.. if I’m putting this much effort into exercising, and spending this much money on going to CF, it’s all going to waste if I don’t clean up my diet too. So I did, and it was hard at first, and now I don’t even think about it. First with Paleo, then with Keto.

As far as my weight goes, I started around 240lbs initially (January 2012). By September 2012, I got down to 215 or so, and for the next almost 5 years, I fluctuated between 210 and 225. Over the years, I have lost inches, gained strength and speed and endurance. But then, around December 2016, I got up to my highest weight since starting CrossFit, a hefty 230ish pounds which sent me into a funk. I was strong, but I wasn’t happy with myself. It was a combination of wanting to lose weight once and for all as well as try out some cancer prevention dieting. So in January 2017, I went on a strict keto diet and haven’t looked back.

After 7 months of strict keto, I am happy to report I am now at 191lbs, and SO close to my goal weight! Ultimately, I’d love to be at 170-180 lbs, and a size 6-8 in lululemon clothing. I’d love to be a size 8-10 at the Gap, for reference! (Currently an 8 &10 in Lulu sizes). I don’t plan on stopping keto, as my intentions are to starve/prevent cancer cells from growing or forming, and maintain a healthy weight for myself. I am gluten free, and I adhere to a very strict, low carb, moderate protein, and very high fat diet.

Overall, CrossFit is amazing. As I’ve said a million times, it’s changed my life. It’s such an incredible, eye-opening thing and I wish everyone could experience something this amazing and sustainable in their lives.

(updated August 20th, 2017)