Crossfit Day 426 – 10/8/14

This was a great WOD!

60 – Box Jumps (24/20)
60 – KBS (55/35)
60 – Ring Push Ups
60 – Strict Press (45/35)

Finished in 16:54, and did regular push ups (ring push ups destroy/hurt/entirely mess up my left shoulder). I wasn’t willing to injure myself beyond repair, so, I did regular push ups.

Crossfit Day 421 – 9/16/14

Bring a Friend Day, September. YAY! I didn’t bring a friend, as usual. It was a chipper, and it was rough. 30 burpees30 push ups30 sit ups30 slam balls (30/20)400m run (I rowed)30 slam balls30 sit ups30 push ups30 burpees I finished in 20:01, and that was only because Tom was there pushing me to…