I don’t know how to say this without sounding like an asshole. But.. we spend money for the business all day long. We spend $30-50 per meal when we go out to eat, hundreds of dollars on computer parts, shipping costs, materials, expenses. Money is spent constantly, and we don’t even think of it (yet I hate paying $10 for shipping, go figure.)

So when I see something awesome on the verge of happening, and all it takes is a little money, a little support, and a little publicity, I am happy to share, donate, and be a part of the cause.

I stand behind +Lisbeth Darsh in her new project, and I’ve already become a supporter. I will even donate more before time runs out, just because I really want to see her succeed.

She has been a voice, sometimes outspoken, but never faltering, in our amazing CrossFit community; and while she’s not officially involved with CrossFit HQ anymore, she is still a very prominent figure in many of our lives. We look to her for advice, for pep talks, for funny stories, for motivation, and when we’re tired of seeing fake hype, we always know we can turn to her for honesty, truth, straight from the heart REAL life.

I am a proud supporter of Lisbeth, and I’d like to share with you the opportunity to support her, as well.

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