Being sick sucks. 7/16/15

I came down with a sore throat on Saturday, that lasted through Sunday, and then came this mucous party in my throat. (Gross, I’m sorry.) But it was this constant coating of clear phlegm lining my throat, no matter what I did. My NAC had nothing on this shit, it sucked. Mucous party lasted Sunday/Monday…

Crossfit Day 494 – 7/13/15

Hey I have an idea! Let’s do heavy as fuck deadlifts!!! Sweet. Wendler Deadliftweek 3/day 1 5 @75%3 @ 85%1+ 95%then10×3 banded deadlifts This was all great and whatnot, except my 1+ rep at 95% was at 285lbs. I did 3 of them. That’s the most I’ve done in YEARS. Of course, on the last…

Crossfit Day 493 – 7/9/15

pause front squats; pause back squats week 2/day 1 1×3 @ 70%1×3 @ 80%1×3+ @ 90%(heavy fucking shit. this one killed me.) I love pause squats, but at these percentages, it felt impossible to sit at the bottom of my squat at what.. 225lbs and do 3+ reps. Sigh. then 10 min emom3 thrusters (135/95)ME…

Crossfit Day 492 – 7/7/15

overhead complex
1 push press – 2 push jerk – 3 split jerk
record heaviest load

I got 155lbs for this


push jerk (135/95)


5 strict toes to bar and 25 double unders between each set

I did 25 singles and 5 amazing strict hanging leg lifts instead. Finished in 12:21.