Spinning with Diana – 2/14/12

Yay Valentine’s Spin Class! Was pretty awesome today, as usual.  I was still sore from yesterday’s power crossfit workout, holy moly. Only my legs though! And mainly, my quads, as in, when we had to do a standing run on the bikes, the muscles above my knees were burrrrning. That’s okay, that’s what spin class…


Yoga Sunday 2/12/12

Erin M invited me to join her and Elaine at LuluLemon in Town Center for a free yoga class this morning, and after a bit of thought, I agreed. Now, I haven’t done yoga in like 10 years, and from what I remembered of it, it really wasn’t my thing. Too ‘namaste’ and ‘centered’ and…


Crossfit Day 8 – 2/10/12

Alright! Crossfit today was a blast. I’m excited about today, and I’m EXHAUSTED from today, holy moly. We started out with our warm ups with Erin M, good stuff. Then we moved into some other workouts.. starting with 2 rounds of the following: 10 push ups on the rings10 good mornings (bar just below back…


Spinning with Diana 2/9/12

New playlist!! She had a new collection of music! It was pretty awesome, and she even threw in Kenny Loggins’ Highway to the Danger Zone.. It sounded weak and measly compared to you know, Ciara’s Gimme Dat.. hahaha but it was still fun nonetheless. Oh, and wtf, who dances and dresses like this?? (from the…


Crossfit Day 7 2/6/12

A day with the boys today.. and Elaine! (She’s been doing Crossfit since Dec 17th, I believe she said.)  We worked out with Erin C mainly today.  Did our normal Erin C workouts, bear crawls, all these awkward floor positions for warming up. Today we worked on back squats, and had to gradually increase our…


Crossfit Funny

These Bruises are because I crossfit, not because my husband beats me, but thank you for your concern.
If you still look pretty afterward, you didn’t do it right.

LET’S DO THIS SHIIITTTTT… tomorrow morning, 11a!